We Are ReverseMortgages.com

At ReverseMortgages.com, our mission is:

To offer senior citizens the ability to live in their home and experience the freedom of financial security. We accomplish this by providing a product that will tap into a home’s equity and turn it into usable funds for people 62 years and older, while allowing them to continue owning and residing in their home.

  • We believe a strong moral code is critical when serving borrowers.
  • We are proud to provide quality service to borrowers at all times.
  • Our team members remain current with the changing dynamics of the reverse mortgage industry.
  • We are first and foremost a family who strives to work together to serve borrowers.

Our Story

ReverseMortgages.com opened its independent office on July 31, 2014, bringing together an array of knowledgeable staff from the lending and mortgage industry. The company’s origins date back to 2001, when Midcontinent Financial Center, Inc. was founded. Since 2009, we have been specializing in reverse mortgages, and we are proud to exclusively provide financial solutions to senior homeowners who are unable to attain financing in other ways or who want the flexibility of using their home’s equity as a source of retirement funding. In 2015, our office space was renovated to provide the most up-to-date technology, so that we can better serve you. As our company continues to grow, we look forward to expanding our ability to help our clients find financial solutions that fit their lives.

Our Staff

Our team of over 70 employees is growing quickly to better serve our clients throughout the reverse mortgage process. We pride ourselves on our customer service and hold every team member to high standards in ethically, efficiently and kindly assisting seniors achieve financial security. We take pride in what we do and strive to improve every day.

Matt Reibeling Loan Officer Matt Riebeling - Loan Officer -

It is very rewarding to hear the excitement in my borrowers voice after closing, and they know they can afford to stay in their home for the rest of their life.

Heather Martin Loan Officer Andrea Jackson - Sales and Pipeline Coordinator -

I love having the opportunity to assist my clients with their reverse mortgage. Whether I am helping them take a dream vacation, eliminate debt, or increase income, I know that I have changed their lives for the better.

Lois Martin Loan Officer Lois Martin - Loan Officer -

As a young Senior myself, I truly believe in the benefit of being able to turn earned equity in my home into tangible cash that I can use to make my retirement years less financially stressful and more pleasurable!

Brittney Bailey Loan Officer Brittney Bailey - Loan Officer -

I love to help people. To know that I am putting someone in a reverse mortgage, where they can live more happily and comfortably, truly brings me joy.

After we had closed, I felt like some close friend had moved away and think of them often. It is not often that a business of any kind will make you feel like you are family, a good friend, and someone that matters. Your company surely does all of that and more. Thank you for caring for us!

- Karen Ruebelmann -