Craig Harkness
Craig Harkness
Loan Processor

About Craig Harkness

I grew up in Sedalia with my single mother and only brother, and to this day that is what I consider my family. I graduated Smith-Cotton High School in 2007 and attended Truman State University that fall. It was there that I learned so much more than just academics. I got my first official full-time job there, trusted with my first management position within a large department store franchise, and learned what it meant to be an adult and on your own. I owe so much to that college and town for who I am today, and I would not change a single moment-- a single decision--because I know if I did, I would not be who I am today. While I have only been with, Inc for a little over a year at this point in time, I see myself proudly being among those who speak of their decade of work within this company, as I have never been happier and more content with a company that not only cares about its clients but also their employees. I have since learned what it means to truly be valued, and I do not see myself ever settling for less in the future.

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