Jeff Bailey
Jeff Bailey
Loan Officer

About Jeff Bailey

I have always been told that I’m a people person, and whatever I do it needs to involve working with people. I really enjoy being able to work for something and then getting rewarded for my hard work in the sales field. I’m a driven individual, and I have a very strong work ethic.

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What do people think about Jeff?

Joseph M. Gardner

I want to commend Jeff Bailey, the broker on my mortgage. He dealt with my transferred application, and the difference between the two experiences was substantial. Jeff was always the epitome of professionalism. He always kept me informed of exactly where we were in the process, and I was always confident in his efforts. He is a fine asset to your company, and as I already relayed to him, I would highly recommend your company to anyone I should discover to be looking for a reverse mortgage and would provide them with Mr. Bailey’s contact information. It was a pleasure dealing with Mr. Bailey. He made the process go very smoothly. Again, thanks to your company, and great appreciation and praise for Jeff Bailey.

Mr. & Mrs. Ouelette

God wanted us to communicate with a person of integrity, personality, professionalism, attitude, gentleness and respectfulness, which is hard to find in this day and age. This person being no other than Jeff Bailey. Amen. Jeff was always available to take our call and quick to respond. His word was easy to believe, for it was the truth. We were 100 percent satisfied with the level of service we received from Jeff.