Taylor Martin
Taylor Martin
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About Taylor Martin

I was born and raised in Ashland, Missouri, AKA one of the smallest towns around here. I am the "baby" of the family with two older sisters. I grew up a tomboy, usually out in the shop, helping my dad work. As you can guess, that left me with terrible cooking skills! Through school I was highly involved in softball and barrel racing. When I was 13, I played for a college prep softball team, the "Snappers," and that was just the beginning. Then my coach suddenly passed away, and I was so beside myself that I was determined to find a new hobby. (Dad wasn't happy; he was already thinking about college ball.)

I began barrel racing at 15 and quickly found a new love and devotion for it. I bought a horse from Louisiana, and we found ourselves doing exceedingly well shortly after buying him. Turns out, he even had my birthday branded on him. Coincidence? We had a few awesome years together and won a lot of money in that time. Unfortunately, my work life took over my beloved hobby. My first job was with Orscheln Farm and Home, and that is where I met my significant other, Jacob. We have been together for about four years now, and we have a beautiful baby girl, Ava Brooke. She was born May 22 this year and has been nothing short of a blessing. We still live in Ashland on what used to be my Grandpa's farm. We have two cats, 13 chickens, and hopes to eventually own and sell livestock. I am thoroughly excited to move forward with ReverseMortgages.com, Inc., and I know great things are coming!

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