Jennifer Whitaker

Thanks to [Reverse, Inc.] for all the help and assistance given to me during my loan process. Having this reverse will help me regain financial stability. I don’t have to worry month to month if I will have enough left after paying all my bills to buy food, gas, and other maintenance expences.

Mr. Walker

The reverse mortgage is relieving the lack of funds since I have retired. I am now able to do more traveling and purchase items without worrying about a mortgage payment.

Mr. and Mrs. Snow

The reverse mortgage enabled us to cut our cash flow significantly. We not only eliminated our monthly mortgage payment but were able to retire two car loans with th initial equity payout, The residual equity payout will be used to enhance our cash liquidity.

Herbert and Carol Lewis

The reverse mortgage has finally helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. We feel as if a big weight has been lifted off of us.

I decided on a reverse mortgage because my case reverse were dwendling away and concerned about the future. Getting older has its challenges and I wanted a cushion to rely on should a “rainy day” approach. I can now pay off the credit cards, have extra income and even pay back the borrowed funds, yielding me more reserves for the future. I certainly can rest much easier now.

Stephen Goss

Ms. Gunter

So glad I finally decided on RM. Now I don’t have to “rob Pete to pay Paul” every month. Get credit cards and other bills paid and can actually go to a restaurant once in a while. Lois and Andrea were great!

Ms. Wentz

The reverse mortgage allowed me to settle three delingnent credit card accounts ther by allowing me to sleep at night and rid myself of stress and anxieties. I have been a widow since 1988 and worked full time for 63 of my 83 years. I was on my own.

After we had closed, I felt like some close firned had moved away and think of them often. It is not often that a business of any kind will make you feel like you are family, a good firned, and some one that matters. Youc ompnay surely does all of that and more. Thank you for caring for us!

Karen Ruebelmann


Every time we hear from our clients after the whole process has been completed, they cannot believe how much it has positively affected their lives. It reminds me why I do what I do, for them.

Craig Harkness Reverse, Inc. Craig Harkness
Loan Processor, Reverse, Inc.

It is very rewarding to hear the excitement in my borrowers voice after closing, and they know they can afford to stay in their home for the rest of their life.

Matt Riebeling Reverse, Inc. Matt Riebeling
Loan Officer, Reverse, Inc.

I love working at Reverse, Inc. for many reasons but the top 2 would be that we are one of the most honest and caring lenders in this industry. We truly care about our borrowers and want the best for them and will go above and beyond for each one of them. The 2nd reason is that I have never worked with a more caring and hardworking people before that really strive to be the best and want each of us to be the best.

Heather Martin, Loan Officer
Cassie Walker Reverse, Inc.

Reverse mortgages aren't a good option for everyone, but for the right person a reverse mortgage can help provide the peace of mind and financial security they might not otherwise find in retirement.

Cassie Walker Compliance Specialist
Amanda Galiley Reverse, Inc.

Being able to help a person live life to the fullest has been a great joy for me. It is an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment to help our homeowners reach goals and accomplishments that may not have been able to under different circumstances.

Amanda Galiley Loan Processor
Andrea Jackson Reverse, Inc.

I love having the opportunity to assist my clients with their reverse mortgage. Whether I am helping them take a dream vacation or increase available funds, I know that I have changed their lives for the better.

Andrea Jackson Sales and Pipeline Coordinator
Amber Hatcher Reverse, Inc.

I enjoy working with home owner's who are interested in learning more about the reverse mortgage program because I have the opportunity to discover along with them how a reverse mortgage could really benefit them.

Amber Hatcher Loan Officer

The enjoyment you receive understanding that you can help make a positive impact in peoples' lives with a reverse mortgage is incredible. Knowing that you are helping people in such a huge way is my favorite part of the job!

Emily Grieshammer, Production Assistant